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Cisco VG350 10,100,1000Mbit/s gateways/controller
VG350 High Density Voice over IP Analog Gateway
Cisco VIC3-4FXS/DID-RF FXS voice network module
4-port FXS/DID voice/fax interface card, Spare
Cisco PVDM2-16 voice network module
16-channel Packet Voice/FAX DSP Module, Refurbished
Cisco PVDM3-16U192 voice network module
PVDM3 16-channel to 192-channel factory upgrade
Cisco PVDM3-16U256 voice network module
PVDM3 16-channel to 256-channel factory upgrade
Cisco PVDM3-16U32 voice network module
PVDM3 16-channel to 32-channel factory upgrade
Cisco VIC2-2FXO RJ-11 voice network module
Understanding Foreign Exchange Office Voice Interface Cards
Cisco VIC2-4FXO FXO voice network module
4-port Voice Interface Card - FXO (Universal) f/ C2600/C3600
Cisco VIC3-2E/M voice network module
2-port E&M voice/fax interface card
Cisco EM-HDA-3FXS/4FXO FXS/FXO voice network module
7-port voice/fax expansion module-3FXS/4FXO
Cisco HWIC-4B-S/T Internal Ethernet networking card
4-Port ISDN BRI S/T High-Speed WAN Interface Card